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What of the Woman

Rachel Grosvenor is a British author, writing coach and tutor, with a PhD, MA and BA Hons in Creative Writing. She writes in various genres and forms, from travel writing to fantasy, and her work has been published in equally diverse places – from Cadaverine Magazine to the wall of the blue bedroom at the National Trust’s Baddesley Clinton. Rachel’s writing news can be followed on Instagram at @RachelGrosvenorAuthor, or on her website  

What of the woman 
Who lies awake, alone, at night. 
The haunting of that word inhuman, 
Frozen without flight or fight. 

Who lies awake, alone, at night 
And traces every word. 
Frozen without flight or fight, 
Silent uncertainty reforming blurred. 

And traces every word, 
Legs twitching, driving pains. 
Silent uncertainty reforming blurred, 
Itches fill constricted veins. 

Legs twitching, driving pains, 
Repeating words, overwrite. 
Itches fill constricted veins.
Who lies awake, alone, at night.
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